Welcome to IncusEar Hearing and Balance Centre where you will learn about our various hearing aids and hearing tests offered in all our centres in Kenya. We are the first Kenyan health service provider to focus only on hearing and balance issues. Here you will learn about hearing loss, hearing tests, balance tests hearing aids. At IncusEar Hearing and Balance Centre we are dedicated to providing you with the right technology solutions to your hearing and balance problems. We strive to provide the highest quality of preventative and rehabilitative. We are dedicated to listen and understand our customers’ challenges. IncusEar Hearing and Balance Centre works on client Satisfaction. This is the our cornerstone. We take great pride in consistently adopting the highest international standards on all client matters.

Our philosophy and commitment towards our clients embraces the highest levels of accessibility, integrity, quality and responsiveness as well as an extremely proactive approach.

IncusEar hearing and balance centre has pioneered a client satisfaction manual which is regularly updated to achieve the objective of optimizing client satisfaction. We take special care to ensure that all hearing and balance support is provided to clients in a cost effective and innovative manner, keeping in view the client’s specific business goals. The company adopts a creative and solution seeking approach while providing hearing care and balance advice to clients from a practical and theoretical perspective. All our staff are meticulously trained to develop and strengthen their skills towards achieving these objectives. The philosophy of the company can be aptly summed up in our tagline. “A Centre for Advanced Hearing and Balance Testing in Kenya”.

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