MediaMax -Ear specialist with a cause

Richard Mwangi has seen  some of the worst things that can come out of a person’s ears.

Yet when he speaks about it, there is a tinge of excitement in his voice, a clear passion for the work he ventured into in 2013.

Mwangi, the CEO, Incus Ear Limited has vast knowledge on ear health care in Kenya. Sitting in his office on Ngong Road, he says what makes him proud of his work is when the face of a person who did not have the ability hear lights up with joy when he treats them.

Attending Kenya Medical School ten years ago did not only equip him with knowledge on pharmacy but also revealed an uncomfortable truth. While studying pharmacy, Mwangi learnt of ototoxic drugs (medication that can damage the ear) and their adverse effects on hearing. After the training, he practised pharmacy for six months before venturing into the provision of ear healthcare services.