Deaf woman, 60, rows Atlantic Ocean in world first

Mo O’Brien becomes the first deaf person to row across the Atlantic Ocean

We’re happy to share with you that Mo O’Brien and her all-female team the Oarsome Foursome have just completed the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. This makes Mo O’Brien the first person with a profound hearing loss to row the 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Mo and her team have not only set a world record, they have also inspired us with their courage and determination. They perfectly encapsulates our ‘hear more, do more, be more’ spirit.

Read the first story on BBC. The mentions:

“Ms O’Brien struggled to cope with NHS hearing aids when she eventually got them at about the age of 30. They boosted her hearing to 30% of what most people can hear, but with disorientating background noise. But then one of the crew’s sponsors, ReSound, shared cutting-edge equipment with her, including a microphone which can be tuned into her hearing aid via Bluetooth. Ms O’Brien uses an app on her phone so that what she wants to hear – whether it be a conversation, birdsong, or music – is clearly separated from background noise. This meant she could hear instructors and pass mandatory courses to take part in the Atlantic row.”

Happy Friday!