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Rayovac is the World’s longest lasting hearing aid battery! Rayovac batteries are mercury free. Mercury which isused in other batteries to give them a longer shelf life is harmful to us and to the planet.Using the advanced voltage agent- AVA technology which was launched in 2011 rayovac hearing aids batteries last 30% longer compared to other hearing aids batteries.Zinc-air batteries contain less than 25mg of mercury per cell. Mercury is used to preventing internal discharge and gassing in batteries. This, in turn, helps give the batteries a longer shelf life. There are many alternatives to mercury. However, most are equally as harmful or have proven to be very expensive. Rayovac has found the key to providing a mercury-free battery that is reliable and lives up to Rayovac safety standards.As used batteries decay in landfill sites, mercury contained in the cell has the potential to leach into lakes and streams eventually ending up in drinking water or contaminating wildlife such as fish. Therefore, posing a threat to the environment and health.Testing carried out on Rayovac’s mercury-free hearing aid battery has shown the product to last 30% longer than any other competitive zero mercury hearing aid batteries. Rayovac is so confident that they submitted the mercury-free product to both rigorous independent testing* as well as consumer trials around the world.

Tests carried out using the standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) has demonstrated the prowess of the new technology – which replaces mercury in the cell with cleaner more sustainable processes and materials.

Research carried out among consumer groups and hearing charities demonstrated 95 per cent of consumers surveyed experienced an outcome equal to Rayovac’s standard product.


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