Support & Aftercare

When we fit your hearing aids, our free lifespan programme of medical aid ensures you still get the utmost benefit of each of your hearing aids.

Your hearing aid audiologist or hearing care assistant will also advise you on a way to take daily care of your hearing aids. This will keep their performance high and help you know when to replace your hearing aid batteries.

Our hearing aid batteries, amplified telephones and hearing aid accessories are specially selected by our team of specialists for your simple use. They have technical sophistication and are worth your cash.

Seeing your hearing aid audiologist for normal checks is simply as necessary as seeing your trainer.  This will help in determining how well is your hearing aid operating as well as giving you an opportunity to raise any queries you might have.

After your hearing aids are fitted, our hearing aid audiologist will organize your programme of free medical aid.

Our support programme includes an everyday assessment and analysis of your hearing and the health of your ears.

Aftercare appointments check that that your hearing aid is functioning at their best for you. We suggest that you return each six months for your medical aid appointment.

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