Annita Kibobori


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Audiometrist & Hearing Aid Specialist

Annita studied biomedical engineering and later got into hearing healthcare studies. She has an expansive knowledge in hearing aid, tympanometry and pure tone audiometry; she has been working in the hearing healthcare industry for past seven years. Previously before joining us, she was working with a Nairobi based hearing centre. As an audiometrist, Annita performs pure-tone audiometry and tympanogram. As a hearing aid specialist, Annita specializes on:-

  • Repair and maintenance all models of hearing aids and assistive devices.
  • Manufacture of custom shells and soft earmoulds.
  • Fitting of hearing aids
  • Assembling of hearing aids.
  • Giving technical advice to hearing aids users.

For her professional skills, Annita has been to South Africa for technical and professional level courses.

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