Dr. Wahome James


M. Med- E.N.T., Head & Neck Surgery (UON)

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Dr. Wahome James
M.B, Ch.B (UON)
M. Med- E.N.T., Head & Neck Surgery (UON)

Consultant ENT Surgeon-IncusEar Hearing and Ear Nose Throat Centre.

Dr. Wahome has been a trusted medical advisor to IncusEar Hearing and E.N.T Centre. He is a strong advocate of getting hearing checked in order to improve quality of life. As E.N.T, Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr. Wahome has admission rights in the following hospitals:-

  • Nairobi hospital.
  • Aga Khan University hospital.
  • Gertrude Children’s hospital
  • Karen hospital.
  • Coptic hospital.
  • Mp Shah hospital.

Dr.  Wahome knows how hearing loss can affect daily life, sometimes leading to inconvenience, social stigma, depression, paranoia and isolation.

Early detection with single, quick diagnostic testing and huge advances in sophisticated, almost invisible modern hearing aid technology means that remedies for all severities of hearing loss are readily available, cosmetically acceptable and perhaps most importantly of all, dramatically effective.

IncusEar Hearing and Ear Nose Throat is a company with expertise who has earned their reputation through experience focused on total hearing healthcare, state-of-the-art technology and commitments in helping clients improve how they hear and communicate with the world around them. I am delighted to be part of the E.N.T, Head and Neck Surgeon team.

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