Types of hearing instruments

At IncusEar Balance and Hearing Centre the following four types of hearing instruments are available:

  1.  Behind the ear (BTE)
  2. In the ear (ITE)
  3. In the canal (ITC)
  4. Completely in the canal (CIC)

Behind the Ear

This instrument is placed in a small curved case, which fits behind the ear. The case behind the ear is attached to a custom earpiece moulded to the shape of the patient’s outer ear. However, some BTE instruments do not use custom ear mold, instead, rubber tubing is inserted directly into the ear. The case behind the ear comes in different styles and patterns, typically it is flesh coloured. BTE hearing instruments also fit a wide range of hearing losses from mild to profound loss.


  • Good for young children
  • Strong
  • FM and direct auditory
  • Telecoil circuitry more powerful
  • Directional microphone
  • Easy to handle

In the Ear

In The Ear (ITE)

This hearing instrument fits directly into the external ear. The circuitry is Placed primarily in the concha (external) portion of the ear. The In-The-Ear instrument is typically for hearing losses ranging from mild to moderately severe.

In The Canal (ITC)

Due to the miniaturization of the component, it is possible to make hearing component parts small enough to fill only a part of the concha. Usually, it is custom made to fit your ear only. This style is appropriate for mild to moderate hearing losses.

Completely In the Canal (CIC) 

It small enough to fit deeply into the ear canal, therefore the model is limited in the number of programs and options. CIC is most appropriate for mild to moderate hearing losses.


  • Secure fit
  • Less wind noise
  • Directional microphone
  • One-piece – easy to handle
  • Cosmetic
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