Wearing a new hearing instrument

It’s very common to see people staying years without hearing instrument.

During this period of time your hearing system is deprived of auditory information, this changes the way your brain interprets sound. It will take some time for your brain to learn how to use the information that your new hearing instrument provides.

At first you will hear many sounds that you have not heard in a long time. As you move on, you will find yourself less distracted and comfortable with the new sound quality.

We recommend you to wear this device at least two hours in a day the first week until you feel comfortable and appreciate your new hearing aid. The best way to be familiar with the equipment is to wear them in surroundings you are familiar with. Keep in mind that this learning process takes time and patience.

One shall discover that your voice sounds a bit different and that you have to speak with a softer voice, as you in the past have learned to speak up to hear yourself. Also try practice talking when you are watching television.

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