Eye glasses with Hearing Aid

“DUE TO THE PUBLIC DEMAND” Our clients wish is Our command

We are re-introducing Eyeglasses combined with hearing aids with more features and user friendly. This is fully digital processing device combines a bone conduction hearing system with eye glasses for efficient use and high speech intelligibility. It generates broadband signals via its miniature receiver, conducts the vibrations through the mastoid bone, which then stimulates the nerve cells in the inner ear.

Eye glasses, Hearing Aid

Contact star evo 1 offers the combined benefits of exceptional hearing and stylish glasses in designs suitable for both men and women.

Your advantages

*Powerful, programmable, 8 channels soundprocessor (WDRC), 16 equalizer bands.
*Easy handling with O-T-M switch and integrated T-coil.
*Recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss.
*MPO programmable.


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