Help! My hearing aid got Moisture!



As noted earlier in my blogs, ear canals can produce a degree of moisture which can affect hearing aid performance. Like the problem of earwax, the amount of moisture present in human ear canals can vary widely from person to person. Your activity level and climatic conditions in which hearing aids are worn are two of the more common variables affecting moisture build-up. People with high levels of physical activity who perspire easily can be more prone to moisture problems than those who lead a more sedentary life. Moreover, a moisture problem can be further aggravated by conditions of high humidity. Moisture build-up can result from either internal or external sources. Internal sources are those related to the condition of the auditory canal while the latter refers to liquids which arise from outside.

Moisture in hearing aids slowly corrodes the components. Then moisture makes its way onto the batteries and reduces their effectiveness. Continuing on its path of destruction, moisture travels down the hearing aid tubing where it condenses into tiny drops and eventually infiltrates the filters inside the ear hooks. During this process the hearing aid will slowly lose clarity and amplification until it finally gives up completely.


The Effects of Moisture.
While BTE-type hearing aids, if maintained properly, can outlast in-the-shell types, they tend to have the worst problem with moisture. Water vapors arising from the canal condense in the connecting tube. When these vapors reach a region outside the canal of slightly cooler temperature, condensation converts to small
droplets of water which appear as tiny bubbles in the tube. The accumulation of enough water droplets can
be sufficient to close the tube and shut down amplification.

Siemens Stay Dry kit is small and inexpensive pack that contains silica crystals. The silica crystals will absorb moisture from the hearing aid overnight. This kit helps in removing harmful moisture from hearing aids and there for prolonging hearing aid life.
Product Description.
Place your hearing aid inside to remove harmful moisture and to keep your hearing aid in the best working condition.


– Protects all types of hearing aids.
– Small and portable.
– Pellets can be dried and re-used.