Communication: The Key to Connection

Better Hearing Month theme “Communication: The Key to Connection.

Over 5% of the world’s population experience some form of communication disorder. Communication disorders can compromise physical and emotional health and affect the social, educational, vocational, and recreational aspects of life. To raise awareness about hearing disorders, IncusEar Hearing & E.N.T Centre is observing “Better Hearing Month”. We are involved in educating the public about hearing disorders, treatment, and current research that can improve the lives of those with hearing loss. We join the rest of the world in observing this year’s Better Hearing Month theme “Communication: The Key to Connection.”

Hearing loss leads to feelings of isolation and a lack of connection with family, friends, and community. Hearing aids can significantly improve quality of life. To help address this important public health issue, IncusEar stocks and supplies affordable and most advanced hearing aids that means we have accessible and affordable hearing health care services and products. Our services include identifying and addressing barriers to hearing health care, assessing new service delivery and screening models. We provide science-based health information on hearing healthcare.