Personalized Hearing Aid

Contact us if you’ve experienced any of these signs or symptoms.

  • You have difficulty understanding group conversations.
  • Others have to loudly repeat what they’ve just said to you.
  • Family or friends complain about the volume at which you watch TV or listen to the radio.
  • Family members argue with you about your possible hearing loss.
  • You avoid social activities because you worry about being able to hear other people.
  • Soft speech or whispering is difficult to hear.
  • You hear, but don’t always understand, what other people say.
  • People seem to mumble or speak too softly to you.
  • You find you hear better when you can see a person’s face.

Personalized Hearing Aid
Hearing aids help put people back in touch with their family and friends by letting them enjoy social activities again. However, the truth about hearing aids is they must be custom-programmed for each user to meet his or her needs. Choosing the right hearing aid involves working with us to find a product that fits your type of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget. We also take into account a patient’s dexterity, vision and even ear canal size.
An important note on hearing aid sizes
Significant advancements in technology have made most hearing aids small and relatively unnoticeable. However if cosmetics are a major concern, you must remember that the smallest hearing aids do not provide as much power as other models meaning they might not work for your level of hearing loss. Work only with a reputable clinician to determine the best hearing aid size to fit your needs, and do not feel pressured to buy the smallest device.