Hearing Aid & Accessories Supplier in Kenya

Hearing Aid & Accessories supplier in Kenya

Hearing is the way we connect to people. IncusEar remains the most respected hearing aid & accessories supplier in Kenya. This has been enabled by stocking and dispensing leading world brands of hearing aids with cutting edge technology. We equally distribute state-of the-art audiological equipment. Our clientele include Government of Kenya, NGOs, public and private hospital, private clients and many more.


IncusEar also offers diagnostic hearing tests and holistic ear care within Kenya and Africa at large. We have investing and exploited the latest wireless technology in most of our hearing tests and ear care. This has enabled us to have fast and reliable services. For the first time patients are able to see their ear canal which is projected on a big screen and able to understand clearly how their respective ear canals looks like, this is facilitated by top of the range wireless otoscope which is wireless device and gives high resolution of image as well as video.