Tips for Holidays with Hearing Aids.


Carry extra batteries! The batteries that you use for your hearing aids, while globally available, may not have the same guarantee of quality when traveling. A blister pack of batteries is a great way to travel with them, and Zinc Air batteries are permissible in your carry-on luggage!

You can leave your hearing aids turned on while flying, even if they have wireless capabilities. If you have any questions, make sure you contact your airline ahead of time!

Always remember to carry you hearing aid drying kit. A dry aid kit is a small jar that has a desiccant in it to pull out all of the moisture! If you don’t have one buy one from us. Moisture in hearing aids can cause dirt and debris to build up on microphones and other parts and make cleaning difficult.

Hearing aid cleaning, don’t forget your cleaning tools! Just like at home, you’ll want to properly maintain your hearing aids while on vacation or traveling away from home! Many people are more active on trips than when at home.